About me

I love to write. I also wrote, directed, and produced a film called ‘Apartment 6’.

I used to work as a legal assistant at a tax firm. I met some very intelligent people working there. And I generally enjoyed my time there preparing case documentation. It was a lot like solving a puzzle.

I am now launching a sci-fi book with professional art; ‘Charged Patterns’.

This is a noir, sci-fi novel.

I live about nine blocks from the ocean. I love the city of Santa Monica, but somewhere inside me there is a little voice, urging. Move to the rainforest in Volcano Hawaii. I have been there. Stunning.

At night in Hawaii, the stars dominate the sky. Its as if your on some distant outpost in space. In LA, even when the sky is clear, it does not come close to the night sky in Hawaii. I feel as if I belong there, in that type of environment. Maybe someday, maybe someday.


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